the past two months according to my iphone

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New job – Hunger Games movie night – wine tasting in Napa – runs along Crissy Field – cherry blossoms – Easter – Presidio 10k – another Napa trip w/ Cassie & Jeff – pulled pork sandis courtesy of Cassie’s dad – new office co-working space with doggies – dinner at Pizziaolo followed by The Black Keys concert – Fort Mason picnicking – Drinko de Mayo w/ Mandy & D – Feather’s birthday – Mother’s Day – Tahoe weekend w/ D – drinks w coworkers at Hops n’ Hominy – more runs – trying out new pizza with friends – Beretta dinner with my cousins, Claire & Nicholas on the 75th Anniversary of the GG bridge – reunion w/ Amanda at Toro in Boston – catching a game at Fenway – exploring the spooky side of Boston – a lovely evening in Haaarvard.o

the parentals come to visit

I realized I never posted about my parent’s trip to SF… we had so so much fun!  There was a lot of walking, some meals out at a couple of new spots that my parent’s hadn’t tried yet (Cotogna and Wayfare Tavern), a few trips to the Ferry Building, a cozy night in with cheese & salumis for dinner, a long run down on Marina Green and Crissy Field, a Delfina Pizza night in after an awesome day up in Napa, an Oscar Party so they could meet all my college friends with an ultra competitive game on Oscar Bingo thrown in, but sadly no trip to Rose’s (gasp!). Ah well, next time I suppose!

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what’s new with me (and a giveaway!)

I went to the see Onegin with my friends, Autumn & Sara

I made a super easy pasta… cook some spinach tortellini and while it is cooking, heat up some olive oil with garlic and onion, throw in a couple handfuls of fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes, give a quick grind of salt and pepper, and then toss everything together and top with a cloud of grated pecorino romano!  So good, and it took less than 15 minutes to make!

D and I went to the Ferry Building for Primavera

I made a cheese sauce bc I had lots of types of yummy cheese in the freezer

Don’t you just love how nutmeg looks inside?  I do.
cheese sauce = macaroni and cheese for Super Bowl

(and of course some sausage rolls, that’s always a given)

I also made Thomas Keller’s fancy smancy chocolate cake that mum had bought me as a pressie.  Don’t cringe… this is not your normal boxed cake, there are no weirdo ingredients, and it was so light and fluffy.  Truly delicious!  (especially when smothered in an extra thick layer of chocolate buttercream frosting!)

there was a trip to Roam after slaving (ha, hardly) in the kitchen all day

(the bison cheeseburger is the best)

we ate my favorite breakfast ever… eggs and soldiers

the appies were a Super Bowl success

Feather made a really tasty bean salad

and Sarah made How Sweet Eats’ baked ravioli

Olivia was the most ferocious Giants fan ever in her cute little blue jersey

I went to Starbucks just so I could get a February LOVE cup

and we kicked off The Food Matters Project with chipotle glazed squash skewers!

next week we’ll be posting the recipe for seasoned popcorn!

(you’ll never want to buy microwaveable again)

Oh, and btw… we’re giving away two copies of The Food Matters Cookbook!  Just leave a comment on our week one review post for a chance to win this awesome book!

You have until midnight (central time) Monday, February 13th to enter!

7×7 Big Eat 2012

Wahoo!  I just received my February copy of 7×7 magazine… it’s Big Eat 2012 time!  If you don’t get the magazine, you can click here to see who made this year’s top 100 eats.  Sadly, Delfina’s meatballs did not make the cut (they should have), but there are lots and lots of other great dishes to try…

There are old favorites that have been on the list for years, like the salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite or the roast chicken from Zuni Cafe.  I think 2012 is the year that I’ll finally get those two crossed off my list.

There are ones that confuse me, like the chips and salsa from Papalote. I still don’t get what the big deal is!  The salsa is good, don’t get me wrong, but the chips are so generic.  You can find waaaaay better.  Also, the Roli Roti porchetta sandwich… the line always wraps around the Ferry Building but I just don’t think this sandwich is worth the wait.  To each their own I suppose!

And then there are ones that are new to the list, like a slice of pizza from Arinell (looks like a NY pizza slice… can’t wait to try this one) or the soft garlic pretzels from Absinthe (I’ve had these, they definitely deserve their spot!).

Oh, also… how cool is it that they included a bacon wrapped hot dog from any street cart in the Mission.  That’s San Francisco for you!


My birthday week was so fab… on the big day I went for a run after work then D & I headed to dinner at Pizzeria Delfina w Dani & Dave, Noreen came into town on Thursday night and we went to Delarosa on Chestnut, on Friday a group of us got together at the Presidio Social Club and I was able to spend some quality time with baby Maddox, on Saturday we headed to Marengo on Union after the 49ers game for some sliders & frickles & wine, and on Sunday Noreen and I saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D…  fun times for sure!