“cassoulet” soup

I know, I know… another soup recipe.

(it’s been so cold here in SF that I couldn’t help myself)

This week’s Food Matters Project recipe comes to us from Keely Marie, and it really packs a veggie punch – garlic, carrots, celery, onion, zucchini, tomatoes, and white beans.  I cooked the veggies according to the original recipe (on Keely’s site) and once they had cooked a while on the stovetop I let them cool, and then blitzed them into this wonderfully orange puree and served each bowl with a big piece of garlic bread.  Perfect dinner for a cold winter spring night!

I’m sorry this post is so short – I had big news to share today! :)

big news!

Hi everyone!  So big news here in salt & pepper land… I have a new job!

Last week I left the world of finance to join The Daily Muse, an online career and lifestyle publication for women who produce really incredible content (think career advice, educational articles, job search tips and tricks, entrepreneurial topics, to mention a few!) and who also just launched a new job search tool that provides an insider’s view of awesome companies who are currently hiring.  If you’re looking for a job you should take a look – currently there are video interviews with people who work at the companies already, lots of pictures showing the company culture, and additional information and insight into the actual positions available.  And, if you’re hiring you should look into adding your own profile page – we’re already working with companies like Tumblr, Dell, Mashable, Pinterest, Giorgio Armani, and Foursquare, and there are over 80 others who want to sign up as well!

I’ll be working as their Marketing & Development Strategist, so I’ll be looking for ways to help drive new traffic to the site, as well as finding new companies to showcase on our Company Profiles page.  So, needless to say, you’ll probably be seeing some Musing right here on salt & pepper.  But seriously, the content is awesome… it’s how I stumbled upon the company to begin with – I read one of their articles on another site and then went to The Daily Muse to read more.  And it’s not just career focused – they also publish on style, health, money, tech, travel, and social topics as well.  Like this inspirational article on a woman who completes an Ironman while undergoing treatment for stage-4 colon cancer.  And this one, which I desperately need to act on considering the disastrous state of our dumping grounds guest room… The Busy Girl’s Guide to Not Living in a Pig Sty.   And for the Apple Addicts out there… Calm, Cool and Protected: 3 Ways to Keep Your Apple Devices Safe.  Thanks to this article I now have a password set up on my phone.  I could go on and on and on.  But what fun would that be – go check it out!  Oh, if you’re on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make sure to follow us… that’s me pinning and linking!

You can find out more about The Daily Muse here and here, Tech Crunch did a great job of describing what we do and were the first to break the news of our new company profile tool.  Also, you can see below for additional articles on The Daily Muse and how we did at Y-Combinator’s Demo Day:



Awesome, right?!