you are what you eat

Big news everyone!  I’m really excited about this one… today marks the launch of the FOOD MATTERS project, and I’m one of the food bloggers who is participating!

TFMP is based on the principals Mark Bittman wrote about in his book, Food Matters, and aims to change how people eat.  The focus is on adding fresh, unprocessed, good-for-you foods to your diet, and ridding yourself of the junk. Essentially it means more plants, less processed and animal products.  Please note that I said less.  Key word.

So… the project.  After the success of his book, Mr. Bittman wrote a cookbook, The Food Matters Cookbook, to complement what he wrote about in Food Matters.  And it rocks.  There are so many amazing recipes that not only are good for you, but they taste fabulous too.   That’s where the project comes in… every Monday one member of the TFMP ‘hosts’ a recipe from the cookbook and the rest of us try it out and post our take on the recipe on our own blogs. The host will post the full recipe, but we’ll all post links to our own blogs on TFMP website so you can take a look and see how everyone else fared!  Fun?  Yes, I think so.  I love seeing how everyone puts their own spin on the same recipe!

This week the lovely Sarah from 20something cupcakes chose our inaugural recipe… chipotle glazed squash skewers.  Wow, these are so good.  Not something I would usually choose to make, but definitely something I’ll make again.  I couldn’t find adobo so instead of  two tablespoons of adobo I used one teaspoon of adobo seasonings.  Also, I skipped the skewers, tossed the squash in a bowl with the chipotle glaze, and then baked the squash on a baking pan.  And I didn’t have cilantro so I used basil.  Oh, and I increased the oven temperature to 400 degrees.  Any other changes?  Nope, that’s it.  I served it with herbed israeli couscous which was a nice combination. You should take a look at how everyone else did… I’m so impressed with how creative everyone is!

Next week we’re making seasoned popcorn, chosen by Kate from Cookie & Kate.   You can follow along with us by clicking here, and if you want to participate without being an official host, let us know how your recipe turns out on our Facebook wall!

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