sunday times

  • manly 30th birthday party… cute.
  • My mum sent me a link to Savored… what a cool idea!  You book a restaurant reservation on their site and they automatically take 30% off your bill!  No coupons, no awkwardness.  The only problem is that they don’t have that many restaurants participating yet (New York has a lot more btw), but I did see some that I liked here in SF, and hopefully once they get going they’ll probably have more selection.  Check it out!
  • So you probably already know about In-N-Out’s secret menu, but really, did you know how many different possibilities there actually are?!  Craziness. Next time I’m going to ask for extra lettuce, tomatoes and onions so I can make a salad, and I’m going to have my cheeseburger done medium and cut in half with “lightly well” fries (see comments, it means fries cooked in between regular and well done)… coolio!
  • This recipe for crockpot cheddar beer chicken tacos makes me want to go out and buy a slow-cooker.
  • Need a boost of motivation?  You should sign up for the Runner’s World Daily Kick in the Butt email… I love getting their quotes each day.
  • What a fun travel blog… Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot, an online photography journal of this couple’s travels around the world.

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