sunday times

  • Throwing a party?  Here are twenty-five do’s & don’ts to help you plan a fabulous event.
  • Sea salt from the Hamptons, made by hand.
  • I’m pretty terrible at frosting cupcakes, but this video definitely gives me hope.  I really like the apple corer idea.
  • I want to throw a Harry Potter themed party like this one… so fun!
  • Online magazines are all the rage now… Matchbook Mag, The Party Dress, & The Violet are three of my favorites.
  • I didn’t think I was going to like running skirts, but I do.
  • This spice cake with caramel icing sounds like the perfect holiday dessert.
  • Terzo is D & my new favorite restaurant (well, new to us, not to sf)… with small plates meant for sharing and a fab wine list, it makes for a really fun night out.  Definitely try the meatballs with polenta, and if they have the fava bean bruschetta with shaved red onion you have to try that as well… amazing!
  • Does packing for a trip stress you out? Here are some tips and tricks to only pack the essentials and not everything but the kitchen sink!


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